25.01 2019
Photo How is the transport of his animal by plane?

How is the transport of his animal by plane?

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Traveling with a pet can be a challenging experience especially for first timers. In fact, there are many rules and regulations to know about transporting an animal by plane.

Read this insight about the process to follow when flying with your pet

  • Find out if your animal is permitted to travel: The first step is to make sure that your pet is permitted to travel by plane. You can easily check whether your animal is permitted to fly on the internet. Prohibited animals include endangered animal species, or nearly extinct animal species. If your animal does not fall into the prohibited animals, you can move on to the next step.
  • Know about your host country: Different rules regulate countries according to the prevalence rate of a disease, especially rabies. Check the rules concerning transporting an animal from a high-risk country to a low-risk country, or vice-versa.
  • Contact the Customer Care Service: The next thing to do involves collecting information from the Customer Care Service, or a similar service at the airport. It is important to inquire about what documents your animal will need for the flight. Rules and regulations concerning bringing an animal overseas change from a country to another. As a result, it is safe to know more about that before booking your flights.
  • Book your flights: Once everything is clear, you can start searching for an airline company which permits pets aboard. It is maybe preferable to book your flight with the flight for your animal on the same day. When you choose an airline carrier, the best thing to do is through a reputable travel agency. If the travel agency cooperates with many tour operators in many parts of the world, it will certainly know the rules and regulations concerning traveling with an animal. Therefore, it is essential to book your flight online through a renowned travel agency.
  • Inquire about the animal transportation method: The next step consists of checking through the travel agency the animal transportation method. Big animals are usually transported by freight; whereas smaller pets can accompany you in the cabin or in the hold. However, in some countries, animals are authorized to travel only by freight.
  • Complete the animal's travel documents: It is crucial to complete all the animals' travel documents and make sure that they are recent and valid. This may include a microchip ID, health certificate with a recent vaccination, certified by a vet, and the animal's passport.
  • Buy a container for your pet: If you transport the animal with you in the cabin or in the hold, it is necessary to put the animal in a container. The container might be a bag or a specific plastic container for animals.

Transporting your animal by plane

  • Now that you know how to transport an animal by plane, you no longer need to worry about taking your pet on vacation abroad with you. In addition, it is important to inquire about the regulations in your host country before traveling. Failing to respect the regulations in your host country, your pet might be quarantined for some days.
  • To help you understand the rules and regulations concerning flying with a pet overseas, you need the help of an online travel agency. Opodo is an international travel agency. It operates online and liaises with several tour operators worldwide.
  • Book your flight with Opodo, and get adequate instructions and guidelines on what to do if you want to transport an animal by plane. Opodo will help you to make your trip pleasurable.