30.01 2019
Photo Some tips for long car journeys with a pet

Some tips for long car journeys with a pet

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Traveling by car with a pet might be an overwhelming experience to you, especially if you have never traveled with your pet before.

However, you may have already seen some people traveling with a cat or a dog on a long car ride. The cat usually meows, and the dog might cry in its carriage.

Some helpful tips if you travel with your pet on a long car journeys

  •  Pet's carrier:

It is a good idea to put your pet in a carrier or in a confined space if you travel for a long distance. This is to prevent the animal from running away, especially if it feels stressed during the journey.

You might be also thinking about putting the animal on leash and attach the leash to the rear part of the car. It is also necessary to put a mat under the pet's carriage in order not to pollute the car with the pet's poo and wee. 

  • Pet's welfare:

For the pet's welfare, make sure that your pet is kept in a well-ventilated carrier. The pet might feel faint and might suffer from suffocation if its carrier is too hermetic, and that it does not have enough fresh air. 

  • Pet's meal:

Avoid giving too much of anything to the pet just before flying. You should also avoid giving greasy or oily dishes to the pet, or any food item that is difficult to digest.

Instead, buy dog food or cat food from the department store in order to be safe. Bring some light pet food for the pet, which are not difficult to digest. Also make sure that the animal drinks enough water during the long car ride. 

  • Pet's feeding time:

Feed your pet only four hours before the long car ride. Giving food to your animal earlier will keep it strong during the trip. However, you should avoid feeding the animal just before you leave; otherwise, it may throw up inside the aircraft.

The car journey is long, and some parts of the road might be bumpy. As a result, the pet may have motion sickness after some time of travel. 

  • Pet's travel kit:

Before you leave for your destination place, prepare a travel kit for your pet. This is helpful because it can help you take care of your pet adequately on the way and at your host country or village. The travel kit might include: 

  1. Pet soap, towel, and hairbrushes, 
  2. Pet bowl and drinking bowl, 
  3. Plastic bag, brush, and waste scoop, 
  4. Pet toy, which is not too heavy to bring, 
  5. Pet sleeping mat and pillows, 
  6. Any other necessary items for your pet.

Enjoy your journey with your pet

Traveling with a pet is quite enjoyable especially if you go on a sightseeing or a camping trip or holiday. It is certainly a lot of fun to be able to walk with your dog along the beach.

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