Image How to organize a long trip with your dog?

How to organize a long trip with your dog?

Leaving your pets alone at home when you travel away is not really a good idea. People often bring their dogs with them. A long trip with your dog is exciting and memorable. But that is not really easy, many things have to be prepared in order to make your trip more comfortable and safer. How then to organize your trip? Agencies like Opodo are capable of helping you. These following steps are important before you leave.

Train your dog before the long trip!

It is believed that all is a question of habit. Some dogs can't bear traveling for a long time. If your dog used to travel, there would not be any problem. You have to train it step by step. Take it in the car with you a few times every day. Increase the duration, for example: start with 15 minutes, then increase 30 minutes and so on. That training enables you to see its state of health because the car motion is not easy to support for the dog. When it gets used, you can take it for a long trip.

Prepare a complete equipment for your dog!

During the trip, your dog should be safe and at ease in any situation. Some equipment is then required. Here are some examples of the equipment.

  •  A seat harness: It is a sort of security belt for dogs. When you brake, if there is no harness, your dog may fly over you and hit the windshield.
  •  Seat cover: Dog is often in the back seat during the trip. Seat cover enables to keep everything clean from any mess that dog can do. It can cover all the back seat even the floor.
  •  Air condition: Best air condition helps your dog feel at ease in the car during the trip. Your car should have air conditioning to avoid the dog from overheating.

You can have complete equipment if your trip agency is the best one. Opodo for example, they can propose an equipped car for a long trip with a dog.

Be acquaintance of dos and don'ts during the trip

Some things are to be avoided like manipulating phone or watching videos while driving. It might provoke an accident. Also you should not put your music too loud in the car, dogs do not like it usually. It is not a good option to put your dog next to the driver even if your dog behaves well. To make it entertained and joyful during the trip, give it something to chew on. It prevents it from chewing the seat belt. If you choose a right trip agency, a manual of dos and don'ts will be given to you often free. In this manual, you will see more to make your trip flow freely.

Book your car and its equipment online

If you have never traveled with your dog, it is high time to make one now. You can easily prepare your trip by choosing Opodo as a trip agency. It is present in almost all over the world because it exists in 225 countries. The book and the order can be done online. They are always available and are ready to respond your needs about your dog equipment.